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The Cosmic Clash Presents

Go Fever
"Folk Zero"

OOni / Bear on Bear / Jeremiah Jackson

Satalights \ Indoor Creature \ Polarizado
February 16, 2018 @ Hard Luck Lounge

Saturnalia Festival 2017 Recap and Videos

Coming Soon

2017 was a tough year for mid-tier Austin music festivals LEVITATION and Sound on Sound Festival both of which had their destination festival cancelled, then furiously rebooked acts into downtown clubs. Enter brainchild of The Electric Church guys and owners of The Sahara Lounge who hosted Saturnalia Festival at Sahara and adjacent lot next door at the Webberville Baptist Church in far East Austin last month. continue>>>

Five Daze of Clash
March 15th - 18th

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Obscured by Echoes

Absctact Class

Otis The Destroyer

Lola Tried


Poly Action



Pearl Earl

Hard Proof

Part Time

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